Guilin Microtech Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. (MTO)



MZDH0850 High-Resolution Series

PL: Coaxial illumination with polarizing lens
(Patent number:ZL 201120131048.8)
◆ Polarizer Lens is used to improve the contrast of video output and get the best contrast photograph. Especially fits for the condition of crystalloid inspection.

MA: With fne-adjustable device
(Patent number:ZL 201120107476.7)
◆ Attached with fine-adjustable device under objective. Can realize the functions of focus fine- adjusted rapidly in the condition of different focal plane observation.

SA: Light path 180°transition
(Patent number:ZL 201120140263.4)
◆Can observe special interspace conveniently or observe straitness distance mark between two points on subminiature objects.

C-UP: Coaxial illumination
◆ Excellent coaxial illumination, especially suitable for maufacture, inspection of LCD and observation of reflective objects.