Guilin Microtech Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. (MTO)



MZDH0850 High-Resolution Series

◆  Infinite farness and coaxial illuminate optical systems

◆  High-resolution and high definition

◆  Can observe different objects by using LED coaxial illumination or fiber optic illumination.

◆  Wildly used in electric equipments, semi-conductor, LCD,LED and etc. for digital image observation, inspection and measurement


Can be custom-made pre-set stops at integer magnification with detent in zoom course

Magnification positioned repeatedly and exactly with detents in zoom course, especially suitable for planar & three-dimensional inspection.

C: Coaxial illumination,

● Excellent coaxial illumination, especially suitable for manufacture, inspection of LCD and observation of reflective objects.

◆ The system using imported micro stepper motor, elaborate to design signal control module to make sure accurate each time while zooming
◆ Precise motion mechanism which has high degree of repeatability and concentric degree of optical axis
◆ Excellent performance, high resolution, low distortion
◆ Compact design, easy to assemble and install

 Main Body Diagram